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Traffic Safety Class

I-5 Driving School's 4-hour intensive review course will help educate you about common moving violations, while highlighting our common responsibility to be safe drivers.

The goal isn't to bore you to death with mind-numbing statistics, but rather to keep you engaged with an interactive and participatory class that focuses on reducing the likelihood of future traffic offenses.

Class Times
Classes are offered on the first and third Saturday of each month, from 8am to 12pm at our Maple Valley location. When those classes are full, a second class is added from 1pm to 5pm. Please contact our office at 425-890-0000 for class availability.

What To Expect
I-5 Driving School has a 4-hour program that covers common traffic safety violations, including speeding, traffic signals, school zones, basic car maneuvers, intersections, roundabouts, and more. If your municipality offers a specific program or curriculum, that may be incorporated into the class.
Why Choose Us?
  • A better classroom experience
  • Intensive 4-hour course covers all moving violations
  • Convenient Saturday classroom times
  • Reasonable costs at $50 for the class
  • Flexible scheduling may be available
For more information, call us at 425-890-0000


"I started teaching my kids how to drive on their own, but it wasn't until they started with I-5 Driving School that they really seemed to get it."
-Holly B., Maple Valley

"They were willing to adjust their class times to accomodate my son's soccer team practices. We ended up sending a third of the team to I-5!"
- Michelle D., Maple Valley

"The classes are fun, with lots of real stories. I'm learning a lot."
- Ashlee A., Maple Valley

We take driving education seriously, and promise to provide a better experience.
Call us today!