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Driving Test: What to Expect

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The Backing Maneuver




Parallel Parking




Lane Changes & Turning



Frequently Asked Questions

What is required before I can take a drive exam?
If you are 18 years or older, you have to have passed the Knowledge Test within the past 2 years.

If you are under 18 years old, you have to have passed the Knowledge Test within the past 2 years, and have completed a Washington state-approved Traffic Safety Education (driver's ed) program.



What do you check on the drive test?

• Proper identification of signs and lights - You must know the meanings of different signs, lights, and pavement markings.

• Proper backing technique - You will be directed to back your vehicle around a corner to the right, staying as close to the edge of the street as you can, and safely continue backing in a straight line until directed to stop.

• Your ability to park on a hill - You will be directed to park your vehicle as if you were going to leave it unattended.

• Parallel parking ability - You will be directed to back into a parking space, either between four poles, two vehicles, or one vehicle with an imaginary vehicle parked about 1 1/2 car lengths to the rear.

• Safe entry into traffic from a stopped position - You will be directed to drive to the edge of the road and stop, then directed to reenter traffic.

• Speed limits - Be aware of the speed limit. Do not exceed the limit, but don’t drive so slowly that you impede others.



What else will I be tested on?


Driving in traffic

  • Using the proper lane
  • Signaling to change lanes
  • Checking your blind spot
  • Following other vehicles at a safe distance
  • Signaling the proper distance before turning
  • Stopping smoothly, completely, and at the right spot


Backing up

  • Looking over your right shoulder
  • Backing in a straight line
  • Maintaining control of your car
  • Scanning for pedestrians and other vehicles


Driving through blind or crowded intersections

  • Scanning for signs, signals, pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Yielding and taking the right-of-way correctly
  • Obeying traffic signals, signs, and roadway markings
  • Turning into the proper lane without cutting the lane
  • Turning without going wide into the improper lane


Good news for drive exam takers; we don't drive on the freeway!

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WA State Written and Driving Exams Tests


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Online Practice Test (5 questions)


Click here for a PDF version of the Driver's Guide Manual (in English).


Click here for PDF versions of the manual in other languages.

"It was sooo much easier taking the drive test in my own city. I wasn't surprised or nervous, since I live here!"
-Sarah F., Maple Valley

"I like that the written test on paper rather than the touchscreen computers. I could skip over questions until I was ready to come back to them"
- Cody P., Maple Valley

"You guys were so nice and helpful before the test, and I am really glad I took it here."
- Nicole S., Maple Valley

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Driving Basics Tip Sheet



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